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Vintage Wedding Jewellery

Welcome to my collection of jewellery and tiaras. I hope you'll find  something that's just right for you but if you don't, I'd be delighted to make something to match your dreams. I make each piece by hand to ensure that you'll look and feel beautiful wearing it.

The vintage wedding jewellery collection incorporates stunning examples of jewellery from the 1920's to the 1960's. They are remodelled to reflect current trends but still showcase the original beauty of each piece. Like you, they are unique--and gorgeous! Most of the original pieces on the vintage tiaras and combs can be removed and worn again in their original, intended way. Some are brooches, some are necklaces or bracelets. They are all one-off pieces.

The modern classic pieces are all designed using best quality materials--Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and Czech glass--and can be adapted to suit your personal style. You may have your own idea of what you're looking for so if  I have nothing that fits your dreams please contact me so that I can work on an unique piece just for you.
Best wishes,