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I hope you enjoy the jewellery I have put together here. Do remember that this is just a selection of my work--my favourite part of my job is working to someone's personal ideas and creating something unique that brings a dream to life.  On your special day--wedding, prom, anniversary or just one day that matters more than the everyday-- you want to not only look beautiful but feel beautiful too and it's my aim to help make that possible. Everyone is different and has their own unique qualities; it's my job to help find what's right for you. And  I love my job! In the six years I have been selling my designs, I've yet to meet someone who hasn't found something that makes them feel special and  it gives me a great sense of pleasure to be involved in the process.
Remember that as I design and make all the pieces myself, I can incorporate your details and your ideas. Also, it makes it possible to put together a collection to suit all your needs, from bridal and bridesmaid accessories to evening jewellery and any other special pieces you might need.
Please contact me to discuss your ideas. If you're not too far away from me it's always great if you can come for a consultation in person so that we can play with some ideas to make sure you have just what is right for you.
I look forward to hearing from you,

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